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From Merriam-Webster.com:

cross·patch noun \ˈkrȯs-ˌpach\
Definition of CROSSPATCH :grouch 2
Examples of CROSSPATCH:

<that sweet little girl turns into a real crosspatch when she's hungry>

I live in the Atlanta area. My day job is teaching, and sometimes I write. I write blog entries here (sporadically), and occasionally a short story now and then. I never find the time (translation: courage) to send these anywhere. I also think I have a novel in me somewhere, but I haven't found the patience (translation: priority setting ability) to locate and spew it out, and even if I did then I'd have to find the time (translation: guts) to send it somewhere and that's daunting. (Also: I'm good at making up a lot of excuses. If anyone  in Congress ever invents a job called Official Excuse Maker for the USA, I get first dibs.) 

I wish I could figure out a way to walk around with cinematic music scores playing in the background at just the right moments--I'd like to be in the middle of an intense argument and, with absolutely no warning, hear a song with thundering drums and dramatic violins suddenly start playing. Or be in a sad moment with tearful cellos mourning quietly. Like, at night, as I get up for a glass of water and make my way through the scary dark to the kitchen, I think some music from the movie Jaws or Halloween would make that mundane thing much more intriguing. I wish you could have this, too. I think everyone on Earth should have this; it would make life here so much more exciting. Maybe it would make terrorists less mad, and politicians more honest. Maybe the people on Wall Street would share their money more. Maybe world hunger would end and Jesus and Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa would give us all a big thumbs up from wherever they are and say, in unison, "Yeah! You guys finally got it! High five, good people of the Earth."  Because I think music is the way to ultimate world peace. I don't understand why Congress hasn't tried this.

I have a precocious daughter named Melissa. She's 4 and highly indignant. I'm married to C who is also precocious but only gets indignant when the St. Louis Cardinals lose a game. We live in a green house, in an Active Adult neighborhood, right next to a mosquito pond infested with deer.

In conclusion, I watch way too much HGTV.
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